Flask-Classy 0.6 Released

A long overdue update for Flask-Classy has been released today. You can check out the updated docs here and find the Github repo here.

  • Breaking Changes

    • Classmethods are filtered out when determining which methods should be routeable.
  • Features

    • FlaskViews now support a “decorators” attribute which takes a list of decorators to apply to every method in that view.
    • The route_base now supports arguments.
  • Bugfixes

    • Fixed a bug that prevented Flask-Classy from generating routes for methods that had used a decorator but did not also use the @route decorator.
    • view_args dict modifications made before the FlaskView view is called are now available in the FlaskView.
  • Thanks:

    • Thanks to Max Countryman, Julien Rebetez, Philip Schleihauf, and Shuhao Wu for your contributions to this release!